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Math Quiz Creator lets a parent or teacher create quizzes with any type of arithmetic problem
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3 May 2008

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Making the math quizzes for your students is no more a hectic activity, as you can have it done with effortless ease. With the Math Quiz Creator 1.0.0 it becomes easy to make the math quizzes, in few simple clicks. With the program you can define the problems so that you can exactly know that what concepts are going to be tested with the specific quiz. You can make quizzes from simple additions to the complicated numerical. You can make the kids gradually learn all the functions in a simple manner.

Math Quiz Creator 1.0.0 has easy interface that the teachers or parents would find convenient to use and they would not be required to put in much of efforts to make the quizzes. It has the options given on the toolbar for making the new quiz. You can also open the existing quiz and edit it to make the corrections. Easily save the quiz that you made and get ready to take the test. You need to enter the Title for the Quiz to save them by specified name so that you do not face any confusion. The main screen of the program has the wide empty space that shows the questions that you added to the quiz. You can add questions with the step to step process. Like first you need to set the set the number of digits for the first term and for the second term. You can also set the program to add the problems that require regrouping or carry over and add or subtract zero. Then you can select the factors that you want to include from the given selection points. Math Quiz Creator also enables you to specify which time table and range to include.

Math Quiz Creator 1.0.0 would help the kids to master the basic arithmetic so that it becomes convenient for them to learn advanced concepts of mathematics. Math Quiz Creator has been given 4 rating points for saving valuable time and also for its sensible assistance in creating relevant questions for kids.

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Math Quiz Creator allows a parent or teacher to create custom math quizzes with just a few mouse clicks. Each quiz can contain arithmetic problems of any type. Problems can be defined so that you'll know exactly what concepts will be tested with a particular quiz. You can begin with simple single-digit addition and subtraction. Once your students have mastered this concept, you can move on to problems that require regrouping, or carrying and borrowing. Soon your students will be able to solve addition and subtraction problems that require multiple regroupings. When you're ready to move on to multiplication and division, Math Quiz Creator lets you specify not only which times tables to include, but also what ranges within a table to include as a second factor. This approach lets you introduce tables with larger numbers slowly, at first multiplying them against smaller numbers. As your students progress, you increase the size of the second terms until they've mastered the entire multiplication table. Mastering basic arithmetic is an essential step towards learning more advanced concepts in mathematics, and Math Quiz Creator gives you a tool that helps to make this possible, while saving you valuable preparation time.
Math Quiz Creator
Math Quiz Creator
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